Xin comes from the ancient Chinese book “Shan Hai Jing” and Xi Baili, the mountain of Changsha, no grass, more than Xinyu. Taking the meaning of the more prosperous gold, and the literary meaning of the words Xinxin, Xinxin, Xin, etc., not only represents the simple wish of Xinfan employees for self-development, but also reflects the continuous hope of the entire enterprise in the field of copper product processing. The enterprising spirit, as well as continuous innovation in the industry competition, work hard, do things with heart, give customers the spirit of comfort and warm life.

The sail was taken from the poet Li Bai’s famous article “Difficulties in Traveling”: It is difficult to travel! It is difficult to travel! How many roads, today and now? When the wind hits the waves, there will be time when the clouds sail to the sea. It shows the founder’s daring, dare to fight, and never-stop pursuit on the way to meet the needs of users. It is the ideal pursuit that the founders are eager to send Xinfan HVAC solutions and services to thousands of households.

Xinfan brand combines the emotional appeal of “creating wealth, warmth, intention, innovation and joy” with the enterprising spirit of China’s prosperous era. It truly reproduces Xin Fan’s sensibility and rationality, dynamic and static, accumulation and breakthrough. The short-term and long-term perfect combination of brand heritage.

Xinfan brand is synonymous with intelligent control and comfortable integrated home system.

Xinfan’s wish is to give you a warm and comfortable home.


SUN is taken from the first half of the English word for Apollo. Apollo is one of the most famous gods in ancient Greek mythology. It is the embodiment of light. He can’t find darkness in Apollo. He never lie, and he is bright and open. He has superb skills and beautiful melodies. He is well versed in archery. He is a hundred and a hundred; he is highly skilled and rejuvenated; he is intelligent and knowledgeable. Apollo is the most versatile and most beautiful god in Greek mythology. Apollo is also a typical example of male beauty. SUN pinned the founder’s bright and upright competition in the market competition, dare to compete, respect the opponent, the spirit of calm and calm, and showed the professional positioning of the company’s products in the HVAC industry.

Fly comes from the ever-changing flying art of Dunhuang Grottoes. Flying image or strenuous or aggressive or powerful or free-spirited or strange. Dunhuang Feitian is a combination of Indian culture, Western culture and Central Plains Taoist culture. It is the most talented creation of Chinese artists and a miracle in the history of world art. Fly has placed on the founder’s artistic pursuit of gold grade, breaking through the advanced concept of development with innovative spirit and the eagerness to send warmth and comfort to thousands of families.

The SUNFLY brand combines the design concepts of traditional heating countries such as Germany and Italy. It is a comprehensive presentation of the founder’s broad international vision and profound cultural heritage. It perfectly reflects the company’s core values.

Enterprise Tenet

Greeting the market with a forward-looking vision
Break through the development with the spirit of innovation

Enterprise image

Clear goals, positive and optimistic.
Have the right values.
Adversity is strong, and prosperity is leisurely.
Have a clear view of success or failure.
Go and retreat properly, the way of taking away.
There is no view with maturity.
Partner, stand together through storm and stress.
Have a win-win outlook on life.

The values of Sun Fly

Face the customer—Sincere service
Face the market—Perspective
Face adversity—Never give up
Face the development—Breakthrough innovation
Face the competition—Respect for the leisurely

Vision of Sun Fly

The pursuit of quality, taste and brand will be gradually transformed into the realization of the enterprise, the collective.and the individual value. It has a sunny view, a positive outlook on the world, values and outlook on life. Carry out the core spirit of “pursue the endless” enterprise, strengthen the direction, set up the industry benchmarking and bear the social responsibility.