1. Description: Mainly used for large-scale heating, villas and apartment heating, domestic hot water systems, effectively solve the deficiency in heating of towel rack, floor heating, domestic hot water, as well as the uneven distribution of heat and water pressure and other issues.
  2. Using the ground source heat pump as a heat source in winter, take good use of the heating of underground water and heat pump host, through the hydraulic balance module, hierarchical, partial pressure to distribute the different temperature and flow demand, reasonably and evenly deliver the heat to heating facilities in each floor and room, like heat sink, towel rack, floor heating, domestic hot water.
  3. The independence of temperature and operating time, centralized control and  efficient management, meeting the needs of various heating requirements, which solves the shortage of temperature difference and water pressure in the large-sized villas’ heating and large-areas’ heating
  4. The whole idea of system design contains high efficiency, sophisticated, high security, high stability of the technical connotation, which put the newest technology into every link of the system and achieve the using effect of safely, energy-saving and comfortably.
  5. Better in sustainability of energy, carbon-free environment protection and 20% in energy-saving, greatly improve the efficiency of energy management. Thereby enhancing the level of green energy-saving, is the new star among the green energy-saving products.

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