It has opened up a new way for green production of low-temperature heat energy in the formation to achieve green heating. The heat exchange efficiency at the end of the floor heating network is maximized, and the difference between the water supply temperature and the city temperature is minimized, and the energy loss of the heating system is minimized.

Efficient renewable energy system features:

Does not burn, does not produce exhaust emissions; uses closed-circuit water circulation formation heat exchange system, using renewable medium-deep geothermal heating buildings.

No pumping, that is, no groundwater is pumped, only the formation heat is transported, and heat is generated in green circulation; no external public energy input pipe network is needed, no need to increase the power facilities, and a large amount of investment in public heating facilities is saved; the operating cost is low, and the heat source comes from the renewable stratum. Medium and low temperature heat, only consume a small amount of electrical energy, high environmental protection value;

For geographically remote areas, the concentration of mountain residents with power shortages and hot weather is particularly applicable.

Non-energy consumption means that the energy consumed by heating is equivalent to the amount of energy produced by the building.

Universal applicability, suitable for heating all ground buildings, especially geographically remote, shortcomings and hot spots of mountain residents.

Economic Indicators

Medium and deep well design life 100 years

Heating area per well 50000m2

Equipment depreciation period 4 years

Heating operation cost 2 yuan / m2. quarter