Traditional boiler heating majorly through artificial filling of fuel, easier to cause a serial issues, like insufficiently in energy supply, burning exhaust gas lead to the pollution of the environment and etc. XIN FAN wall-hanging stove heating water supply system, which can provide the hot water while heating. Both of them is independent, no influence, system simple, installation convenient and no need of dedicated room.

  1. The host and affiliated device can be placed directly on the floor or top of the building, and the whole pipeline adopt the closed and circular waterways, which ensure water system work safely and normally. The system is high heat transfer coefficient, high efficiency of rapid heating.
  2. Domestic hot water, once it opens, it keeps hot.
  3. 20 years of market use witness, safe and reliable, which is the more cost-effective family heating system of heat sink, towel rack, floor heating, domestic hot water of the market.

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