Donation to Serbia – Thank you!

Greeting from Serbia!

It is with great joy and satisfaction that we use this opportunity to present SUNFLY SMART HEATING SYSTEM D.O.O. with the electronic version of the Gratitude Certificate of the Republic of Serbia issued for your selfless contribution and donations to the people and citizens of Serbia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We very highly value and truly appreciate your decision to support us in the most decisive moments of the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Your donation not only contributed to our campaign to protect the public health of the people in the Republic of Serbia, but also immensely contributed to strengthening the iron friendship between our two countries and societies.

The Gratitude Certificate is signed by Mr. Siniša Mali, Minister of Finance of Serbia, Serbia’s National Coordinator for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries and President of the Serbian part of the Mixed Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation with the People’s Republic of China.

We use this opportunity to inform you that Sunfly Smart Heating System’s donation successfully arrived to the Republic of Serbia.

On behalf of the Government of Serbia we once again express our deepest gratitude for your assistance and help in our fight against the novel COVID-19 virus. We have all been deeply touched by your decision to provide substantial aid and support in these difficult times of public health emergency. Your support in these difficult times is the best indicator of the steel ties between the peoples of our two countries and clearly demonstrates the importance of building the Community of Shared Destiny for Humankind.

As you are aware, there are currently more than 5500 coronavirus cases in Serbia, with the numbers still increasing. Your contributions to our efforts to contain and prevent further spread of this deadly disease have been highly appreciated and will be vital in the upcoming weeks.

We hereby inform you that, following the successful victory against the invisible enemy, the Government of Serbia is going to issue gratitude certificates and host an appropriate gratitude ceremony, attended by the highest dignitaries, to officially commend and acknowledge yours and the assistance of all the other donors who selflessly decided to assist Serbia when the help was the most needed. Thank you!