Sunfly at the Installer Show

Recently, the Installation Show of the HVAC Bathroom Exhibition in Birmingham, UK, came to an end in the UK. As a major event in the European HVAC industry, the three-day exhibition continues to be well received by the industry as usual. The exhibition brings together over 600 participating companies from both domestic and international markets, showcasing cutting-edge low-carbon and environmentally friendly HVAC products and technologies. As a leader in the first tier of HVAC, SUNFLY also shone throughout the venue with newly upgraded products and intelligent environmental control systems, attracting numerous industry experts and attendees from home and abroad to visit and exchange ideas.Let’s review the exciting moments of SUNFLY at the exhibition venue!

Finally, thank you all for attending this UK exhibition! Every appearance is a surge of momentum, and this grand event not only showcases SUNFLY’s innovative ability and strength, but also demonstrates SUNFLY’s firm pace in global market expansion. SUNFLY insists on continuously driving high-quality development of the enterprise through technological innovation, continuously promoting global layout, and empowering the global HVAC industry to move towards a more efficient and sustainable future.