The SUNFLY team is invited to participate in MechTalks 2024 to explore efficient and sustainable energy utilization

Recently, as a member of REHVA, SUNFLY team was invited to Istanbul, Türkiye to participate in MechTalk 2024. MechTalks is one of the events of the REVVA 2024 Annual Conference, organized by the MechTalks Committee. It is a platform dedicated to discussing future engineering solutions, environmental sustainability, and human eco-friendly technologies.

This meeting gathered top engineers and industry experts from various regions to explore innovative projects and discuss sustainable environmental development strategies. As early as MechTalks 2022, engineers emphasized their responsibility to raise awareness of the effective use of energy to ensure a sustainable future. Now, at MechTalks 2024, this message has been reiterated, emphasizing the necessity of clean, safe, and effective energy solutions.

As a leading enterprise in the field of HVAC, SUNFLY shoulders the social responsibility of technology, green, health, energy conservation, and environmental protection. SUNFLY always adheres to the principle of “looking at the market with a forward-looking perspective and breaking through development with an innovative spirit”, strictly adheres to international quality and environmental management system standards, uses world advanced management systems, and creates a more intelligent, energy-saving, comfortable, and environmentally friendly comfortable home new future, contributing to the sustainable development of the environment and the prosperity and development of the HVAC industry!